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Sherri Roberts CD Reviews
Dreamsville CD cover Sherri Roberts
Lovely Days
Blue House Recordings /
Pacific Coast Jazz 2013
catalogue # PJ71002

Although this is her fourth album, Lovely Days (Blue House/Pacific Coast Jazz – 71002), is my first exposure to the vocal talent of SHERRI ROBERTS, and it is about time.  This is a lady who knows how to pick songs and sing them with great respect for their lyrical content.  To help her along the musical journey that she has chosen, pianist Bliss Rodriguez proves to be a fine partner.  Roberts has a voice that is instantly accessible, warm and easy on your ears.  The program has 14 songs on the twelve tracks, one of them being “I’m All Smiles,” and that is what I was while listening to Sherri Roberts and Bliss Rodriguez. 

—Joe Lang,
“Jersey Jazz”
New Jersey Jazz Society Newsletter

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