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Sherri Roberts CD Reviews
Dreamsville CD cover Sherri Roberts
The Sky Could Send You
Blue House Recordings /
Pacific Coast Jazz  2005
Catalogue # 70001

Another hometown player scores - Sherri's last album was released back in '98, but her hiatus is over and, according to a message on her website (, selections from her new album "The Sky Could Send You" are receiving airplay on some 60 jazz stations across the country. And deservedly so - the 12 tracks on this new collection offer some soothing sounds from a voice with a tender, loving ability to interpret classic songs, aided by some stellar musicians. This is "good" light music, in that it's organic and sincere, done for love first, not money first. Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion spice up charming renditions of "You're Looking at Me" and "Jamaica Farewell," among others, while Henry Mancini's "Slow Hot Wind" provides the album with a stunning vehicle for a stop-what-you're-doing-and-listen-to-this performance. Just a few strategically placed notes plucked from a guitar, against a backdrop of acoustic bass, foreboding drums and buried-in-the-background piano, and the setup is perfect for Sherri's arresting vocal. Percussion and vibraphone gradually walk in to find their place, and a magic spell is cast.

—Michael Fortes
Summer 2005,

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