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Sherri Roberts CD Reviews
Dreamsville CD cover Sherri Roberts
The Sky Could Send You
Blue House Recordings /
Pacific Coast Jazz  2005
Catalogue # 70001

With an all-star New York ensemble providing superb support for each musical arrangement, Sherri Roberts brings us a program of familiar songs and fresh indicators. Her program sends out signals that remind us vocal jazz has not yet stalled on its long and creative journey. There’s still plenty of room in the genre for the introduction of some quality that we’ve not yet placed our finger on. No, she proves that vocal jazz still holds surprises without letting go of tradition.

Interpreting from the heart with genuine expression, Roberts brings us familiar songs such as “Slow Hot Wind,” Jamaica Farewell,” and “You’re Looking At Me” as well as some that we may not have heard before. The session’s high point, “Do It The Hard Way,” a vocal/bass duet with Harvie S, features vocalese that Roberts has put together naturally, keeping the romantic swing on board. “You’re Nearer” moves in to focus on the singer’s heartfelt interpretation, leaving no dry eyes in the house; while Far From New York waltzes merrily along streets that glitter with celebration. Her crystal clear vocals give the session a lovely glow that welcomes visitors from all over the world.

Produced and arranged by Harvie S, this recommended vocal jazz session includes saxophonist Phil Woods, trumpeter Lew Soloff, vibraphonist Tim Collins, guitarist John Hart, pianist David Udolf, bassist Harvie S and drummer Vince Cherico.

—Jim Santella
July 2006, L.A. Jazz Scene

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